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Results for Winter 2016/17

Another fantastic season!   With 11 teams in all, most of our members have had the opportunity to play competitive tennis against other clubs. Our adult coaching  and social tennis sessions are generating more and more players for our teams. And we’ve had some great social events arranged by Alison, including a magnificent ‘Burns supper’ in January and the traditional Christmas party.

Our juniors continue to make a significant contribution to the teams - with Sahrin and Alice becoming regulars for the 2nd and 3rd men’s and ladies’ teams respectively.

Here are the results in more detail:

Our 1st men’s team are 5th in the table at the moment, so will comfortably stay in division 1.  We had some impressive results - drawing with the top two teams, Lady Bay and DL WB, both of which fielded players with world rankings. Although we’ve played all our matches, there are two other matches in the league that results are not in for - Lady Bay against West Bridgford and Mansfield against Grantham. If Lady Bay beat West Bridgford (which they will if they can get their strongest team out) then we move up to 4th place; and if Mansfield miraculously beat Grantham by a convincing enough margin (unlikely) then we move up to 3rd place.

Our 2nd men’s team are currently top of division 2 having won all but one of our matches. Grantham pulled out a strong team against us, but have neglected to fill in the results on the website. If and when they do, we would move down to 2nd place to Grantham. Either way, our 2nd team will be in division 1 next  winter.

Our 3rd men’s team came 5th in division 5, winning two matches so will stay in that division.

Our 4th men’s team came 4th in division 8, winning two matches, and so remain in the division.

Our 1st ladies' team came second to West Bridgford in Division 1. Our match against West Bridgford was close - 56-52; if we could have squeezed a few more games out of them we'd have won the division. We did, however, beat strong teams from Grantham and the two David Lloyds. There were particularly impressive results from the Gina/Beth and Gina/Jackie combinations - 36-0 against Burton Joyce (who will go back down to Division 2) and 35-1 against Newark

Our 2nd ladies' team came top of division 2, so will be in Division 1 next winter.

Our 3rd ladies came 4th in division 6 with four wins (including a win against the division winners, Grantham) and two losses, and so will remain in that division.

Our first mixed team came 4th in division 1 behind strong teams from David Lloyd WB (who won the division), Grantham (2nd) and West Bridgford (3rd).

Division 1 proved too strong for our 2nd team, who came 6th and so move back to division 2.

Our 3rd mixed team won division 3, so move up to division 2 next winter with our 2nd mixed team.

Our 4th mixed team came second in division 8, so move up to division 7 next winter.

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